At GOM MY, we always believe in mutual respect for cooperation and development.

  • Respect the creativity of each member, encourage the dynamism in production and business to create the best and most perfect products to meet the increasing demands of customers.
  • Respect credit to protect our own honor, keep a strong partnership, constantly improve and perfect the organization’s capabilities and always make every effort to ensure our commitments to customers.
  • Respect youth and intellectual capacity, foster initiatives to increase labor productivity and develop sustainably.

These are typical values ​​of the working environment in GOM MY. If you like these values, then catch a career opportunity now!

Working at GOM MY brings new and exciting challenges every day. We are looking for people who demonstrate our values ​​and create a bright future together. Our clear vision: to improve the quality of life by providing consumers with high-quality building materials and infrastructure solutions.

Join us and become a part of GOM MY!

Career opportunities at GOM MY