Gom My has set up a series of modern manufacturing plants: currently we are operating three factories in Hai Duong province. Our ambition is to produce the highest product quality while ensuring minimal environmental impact. On that basis, we invest in research and development, continue to improve our manufacturing processes and implement various measures across the supply chain.

Research, development

Research and development is the first priority of Gom My. One of our core tasks is to optimize current production processes and develop products by investing and applying new production technologies, bringing robots and automation technologies into operation. Moreover, in every production area, there is an effective technical control system. They collect relevant data for management and analysis, offering effective solutions.

Manage quality and environment

Quality management systems, including environmental factors, are set up in all of our manufacturing plants. Most of our factories are certified to ISO 9001. Through the integrated processes, we optimize our manufacturing processes and save resources and sustainably cost.