Gom My concepts that a long-term brand is a brand built from the trust of customers. In order to build a successful brand today, the leading principle that we set out is to maintain and consolidate the better and better quality of our products.

Affirm product quality

In the the construction material market with various kind of products, to help customers become smart consumers, get useful solutions for their homes. Gom My asserts its name with products of terracotta materials that have long-lasting durability, up to several decades, sometimes up to a decade. The products are manufactured entirely from natural materials, helping customers to have a green, environmentally friendly living space.

Constantly researching and creating

Society is growing, which leads to the change of construction architectural trends. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses, requiring the continuous creativity of the R&D team. Sticking to customers’ needs and aspirations, Gom My’s R&D team strives to create new, trendy, quality, and affordable product models that are suitable for a diverse market segments.