Human resources is the core foundation for the development of every business. The human resource is like a boat in which the leader is the driver and the human resource is the rowers. In order for businesses to develop sustainably, maintaining a stable, enthusiastic and efficient workforce is a top priority. To achieve that, the company’s leadership is always interested in the following issues:

Occupational safety

This is the first issue in a manufacturing company. Aware that the production environment is always at contained the labor risks, we have tried to build models and codes and rules for the factory to operate in accordance with ISO 9001 management system. In addition, the factory regularly organizes lessons and training to disseminate skills and improve worker safety awareness.

Training knowledge, improving professional skills

If the organization is considered a boat, the leader is like as the soul of the organization as the person who drive and make strategic decisions, but for the boat to be able to go and go fast, it depends on rowing people, that is the employee team. Gom My always strives to create a professional and dynamic working environment to motivate employees to strive to strive. An ideal working environment will help employees to enjoy their work and promote their creativity more.

In order to help new members to integrate quickly into the working environment and capture the most effective work, all new employees are guided by senior employees. Employees working at the factory will be able to attend training courses on product knowledge, skills / professional skills according to the integration training roadmap for each job position. Staff working in specific departments / divisions will be scheduled to attend training courses on the knowledge, skills / professional skills of the position.

Our company regularly organizes internal training, seminars and invests for employees to participate in external training courses to improve the capacity to best meet job requirements.

Employees with good performance and management ability will have the opportunity to advance to higher positions through promotion and consideration by management levels (to ensure opportunities for the new position), completed the corresponding training content and was assessed through the training program.

Trainee Management Program: is to prepare young management team with full capacity and quality to meet the development strategy of the Company.