Company culture

At Gom My, company leaders are aware that the true culture of a company, the true attachment of its members to the company, must be done from in-depth activities, not are superficial activities.

Benefits and compensations

This is the first issue that our company always pays attention to building a sustainable culture for itself. Remuneration policy is always set out how to make employees really want to stay for a long time, even a lifetime with the company. Jobs, income, development roadmap for each position must be suitable, if the personnel can’t be promoted to management level, then they can be developed to be experts at all levels, with commensurate with the ability force … The goal that the company always aims for is the long-term commitment between employees and the company.

Cohesion to develop together

We connect spirit not only by internal communication activities such as football league between factories, cultural activities on March 8, International Children’s Day June 1 … but located in the company’s core values. There the company’s core values, company culture are due to all staffs commented and agreed upon by constantly showing up inside and outside the company. And the company’s personnel are connected to each other by that unified core value. In departments, all staffs are as attached and caring as one family. In a department, with unfortunate personnel who have an accident or lose family members, the others are willing to stand in charge of the work for such personnel in the family … Because each staff member imbued with the idea: every employee of the company is a member of a family, a brand ambassador, a salesperson, customer service staff…