We believe and act in accordance with our core values and business atitudes, including: our environmental and social responsibilities.

Minimize the harm to the environment

Gom My pays close attention to environmental management to minimize the use of natural resources and environmental pollution. We affirmed that Gom My will actively contribute to raising awareness about environmental protection by sharing information and cooperating with environment organizations as well as continuing to improve and upgrade products and processes to achieve international standard.

Investment for education

Because of the sustainable development of Vietnam, Gom My is not only concerned with our private benefits and development, we are always interested in the parallel development of local and national. We believe that investing in education is investing in the future. Therefore, activities of encouraging study, reading, setting up educational funds, combining with social and charitable organizations in Hai Duong are always paid attention and held regularly every year. For the purpose of a young generation, a future workforce full of intellectuals and talents.