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Green Product with 100% natural materials, friendly with environment. Explore the best products to discover how Gom My can help you get Natural Healthy Living Spaces.


Since 2007, homeowners, universities, commercial and government clients have turned to GOM MY for uniquely beautiful terra cotta products that stand the test of time.

Gom My is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of clay products in Vietnam today,

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Gom My has set up a series of modern manufacturing plants: currently we are operating three factories in Hai Duong province. Our ambition is to produce the highest product quality while ensuring minimal environmental impact. On that basis, we invest in research and development, continue to improve our manufacturing processes and implement various measures across the supply chain.

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FAQs Questions

Why should choose terracotta tiles?

– Environmentally friendly materials: Green products are made entirely of natural clay, and they can be pulverized and recycled when they are removed.

– Energy efficiency: Warm in winter, cool in summer.

– Various designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

– Long-lasting durability

– Low maintenance: rarely required repair or maintenance unless they are broken due to strong impact.

Consider using terracotta tiles. It’s durable, beautiful, and low-cost!

Where to buy Gommy's products?

With over 10 years of operation, up to now, Gommy has established a distribution system throughout the Northern to the Southern with agents and distributors in more than 36 provinces and cities. Moreover, Gommy’s products are exported to the world market and are present in many countries such as Korea, India, Australia, Japan …

To find products manufactured by Gommy, you can contact the customer service department directly via:

☎ Hotline: 0975 608 778/1900 599 939

Or send email to ?:

The customer service department is available 24/7, ready to listen, advise and support customers to get the dream house!

Whether are terracotta clay products suitable for today's modern architecture?

The answer of Gom My is a perfect choice. Because at Gom My, our R&D department always update with the latest architectural trends of the world, creating and designing products that suitable for today’s modern architecture.

Let’s take a look at some buildings that use terracotta clay bricks and tiles to feel a cozy and luxurious space.

With good strength, easy to clean, glaze terracotta tile is an ideal choice for the kitchen space but still magnifies the luxurious and cozy atmosphere when combined with yellow light.

The living room space looks great, casual but cozy when combining the red of the natural terracotta clay tiles with the walls painted white.

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